I worked as a journalist in Milan for 15 years and one day I left my job. I took a sabbatical to travel the Caribbean and South America. Three years later I ended up on Bonaire, a small island next to the Venezuelan coast. This is where I found yoga. Or better said, where yoga found me.

I remember those first classes; everything was totally new and felt weird! Why should I put my body through the discomfort of a backbend or the unfamiliar experience of trying to balance on my hands?

But after every class I noticed something unexpected: I felt this sense of space in my body and mind.

One day, during the final relaxation, I felt was breathing deeper than ever before. It was as if I was really breathing for the first time breathing into all the space that was being opened up as my body released tension and my mind became more open and clear.

After that, Yoga became a passion, something to practice consistently, it became my way to feel connected with myself and the world around me.

Practicing yoga has helped me realize that everything we’re looking for is already within us; we simply need to sit and tune in. It also has given me the ability to more fully face and accept my own experience both on and off the mat.

The practice on the mat is a metaphor for our lives. If you can stay present and kind and keep breathing when you are in a challenging pose, you can do the same off the mat. If you accept your fears, you will be more gentle with yourself. If you can laugh instead of being judgmental, you will feel lighter wherever you are. It is a life changing experience.

I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and I opened Smiling Buddha Yoga Studio on Bonaire with the desire to share my passion.

The studio offers Vinyasa Flow yoga, Hatha yoga, Deep Stretching and Relaxation practices. All of our classes are suitable for all levels.

Everybody is welcome because yoga really finds you where you are.