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Nervous System Reprogram

Embodied Healing

Many people feel numb, frozen, or totally out of touch with their bodies. If the body hasn’t been a safe place to be in the past, we may have learned to live mostly in the world of thoughts, intellect, or imagination, and that affects our ability to heal and restore the body.

Micaela is running a 5-week program that explores the untapped power of our body, the tools to heal trauma through pleasure, and a real understanding of how your unique nervous system works.

Coconut Water

In this practical and empowering program, you will journey through:


The fight, flight, freeze, fit in, and fawn responses and discover which one is your default.


Experiencing simple pleasure without needing to amp up the intensity level.


Tools that help regulate the body and mind and create safety even in a climate of chronic stress and trauma.


Developing fluency in your body’s language.


Learning how to free ourselves from destructive patterns so that we have access to the full expression of ourselves.


The predator-prey dynamic, and the power when occupying both ends of the spectrum.

Contrary to popular belief, your animal nature is trustworthy.

The sense of soul deprivation that many women experience arises from the absence of pure predator power.

A common narrative in the world right now is that we have to "think" our way out of our problems, or "think" our way into our desires.

But our body and instincts offer us more reliable and sustainable paths and solutions.

However, many of us have had our self-protective instincts muddled by societal conditioning. When we lose touch with our own bodies and the art of effective communication – encompassing words, actions, body language, and facial expressions – we risk becoming confusing even to ourselves.

At its worst, we may find ourselves expending an enormous amount of energy suppressing what truly matters to us and our deepest desires.

As a predator, you can hold your ground, protect what's rightfully yours, and harness your innate power.

You CAN'T fake this.

By harnessing the vigor of a predator in your nervous system, you can maintain a steady focus on your desires. You can rest, enjoy leisure moments, nurture your loved ones, and shift into high gear when necessary.

Coming back home into your body takes practice and it takes community. That's precisely why I've crafted the Nervous System Reprogram 5-week series, laying the foundations for healing.

During this series, you'll receive invaluable resources: worksheets, thought-provoking journal prompts, practical exercises, enlightening flashcards, and helpful graphics to carry with you. Additionally, we'll engage in enlightening lectures and transformative practices in our classes.

Remember - you are not on the receiving end of grief, joy, anger, or peace.

You are on the practicing end of it.

Emotions are not elusive feelings; they have tangible influence over the functions of your body. They serve as signposts, helping us locate where we stand within the landscape of our nervous system. These emotions aren't enemies to be victimized by; rather, they are instructors. Our task is to let our body embody these emotions, to grant them space for practice.

In a world echoing with the advice 'feel your feelings' the true essence lies in tangible movement. To grasp the concept, you need to set your body in motion. You need to actively engage in the practice of these emotions, unraveling how each finds its unique expression within you. This journey isn't about wishing away emotions, especially the ones we find discomforting. It's about embracing them through motion, letting them run their course within us.


Our next round starts:

January 10

The program runs for 5 weeks every Wednesday at 18:45-20:00

All participants will also receive a FREE 1:1 somatic session with Micaela.

Contact us to sign up for the next round

80 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands
Located on the Plaza Resort
50m from the main gate on the left. Across from the parking lot.

+ 599 787 7667

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