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A man and a woman performing cobra pose, Bhujangasana, in a yoga studio with a musical instrument

New to the Studio?

We understand walking into a yoga studio can be a bit intimidating. We've provided some rules of etiquette to help you familiarize with the space.

Arriving to Class
All classes start on time. We encourage you to arrive 10 minutes before class time to give yourself time to set up your mat, bring yourself present, and connect with others. If this is your first visit, you may want to arrive a little earlier to fill out our new student form and get acclimated. 

Preregistration for scheduled classes is required.  

Late Arrivals
We understand that sometimes you may run late - don't stress! You're welcome to join us anyway. Please enter the room quietly and mindfully so that you don't disrupt other students.

Cell Phones
To maintain a peaceful environment, we ask that you don't bring your cell phone to your mat with you. We understand that sometimes you need to be available for emergencies. If you must bring a phone into the studio, please make sure that it is silenced and vibration is OFF.  If you need to text or receive a call, please step out of the studio space. Thank you for your understanding.  

What to Wear
Wear comfortable exercise clothing. Yoga is meant to be practised with bare feet.  Please leave shoes outside the studio door.

Studio Mats 
We recommend that all students bring a mat to class.  We have complimentary mats available

Workshop Cancellation

All workshops require a deposit upfront. If you must cancel a workshop and do so 72 hours before the event, we will provide a refund or credit to the studio.   With less than 72 hours notice, we will provide studio credit only if we can fill your spot on the roster.  There is no refunds or credit for no-shows. 

"The teachers, setting and studio space are among the best of my 40 year practice. The experience changed my life. In addition, there are special events that are sought after, such as a program on essential oils."

Florence Ditlow

Contact Us

80 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands
Located on the Plaza Resort
50m from the main gate on the left. Across from the parking lot

+599 787 7667

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